Sunday, April 12, 2009

April chores

Now that we've all filed our taxes (you have, haven't you?!), it's time to think about a much more pleasant chore: hanging out the hummingbird feeders. In the midwest, tax day is the cue to clean out the feeders, make nectar, and watch for hummers.

According to the hummingbird migration map, they've already been seen in Indiana, and as far north as Chicago,

There haven't been many sightings, but even a few are enough to get me excited. These plucky little guys are a real inspiration -- and a photographic challenge. I must have hundreds of photos of hummingbirds, many of them blurry, or showing just a bit of bird in the corner. They're a real test of my reflexes. I have a few that I really like.

Some other April birding chores:
--make sure the birdhouses are cleaned out and ready for new tenants. Some people put wood chips in the bottom of houses to give cavity nesters something to excavate.
--clean out the bird feeders. In Bloomington Indiana, the local Audubon society chapter hosts a feeder cleanout each spring, if you need help.
--we're hanging some new housing options -- gourds raised by my father. I'll post the results later in the season.

And then there are the gardening chores....but that's enough chores for one day!

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