Friday, July 4, 2008

Water Lines

Water, water, water. It's clear to everyone by now that Indiana, though hit hard by flooding in some areas, got off easy, and it's hard to imagine the situation in Iowa.

We've been canoeing around Lake Monroe whenever we get a sunny weekend. The lake is at 548.73 feet this week, with a level of 538 feet being normal. Last weekend, when these pictures were taken, the level was 550.79 feet. (As my mate4life has carefully explained to me, the lake levels refer to feet above sea level and not the depth of the lake -- thank goodness!)

The businesses around the lake have suffered, as several weeks of boat rentals, cabin rentals, camping and so on were lost to the flooding. You'd have a hard time cooking anything on the grill in the photo! But a few weeks ago, we canoed right over top of it and couldn't even tell it was there.

The high water has left a brown strip of dead foliage all around the lake. Herons can be seen hanging around in areas that would normally be woods, while the sand bars they usually occupy are no longer in shallow water. I don't know if the fishing for them is better or worse.

My garden, too, would like to see a little more sun. The bee balm has mildew on its leaves and some of the shorter rudbeckia flowers look beaten up. The forecast calls for sun tomorrow. Shabbat Shalom!


vicki said...

holy cannoli! that's a lot of water. i never head down that way, so i had not realized how very high the lake still was. it sounds like the wildlife is doing ok, though. i'm amazed you saw a fox squirrel! i love fox squirrels. :D

Simcha said...

Yes, that water is still high. In the area we visited this past weekend, a dirt road that runs along the lake is washed out, and 1 telephone pole is tilted alarmingly. We wonder about the effect on the swamped trees. If I find out more I'll put it into a post later.